What to Expect for Apple’s 10th iPhone Anniversary

Published by | Allyson Boe

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In January 2007, former CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage to showcase Apple’s newest innovation. The touchscreen-based device promoted as a music player, mobile phone and internet communication device quickly became Apple’s most important product, representing about two-thirds of the company’s yearly sales. The initial appeal of the iPhone was putting “the power of a computer in one’s pocket” and making it easy for consumer use. This monumental shift in smartphone technology dictated how phones would look today, creating new features and experiences that had never been seen before.

Now a decade later, Apple is reportedly prepping three iPhones for launch this fall to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The phones will include upgraded versions of the current two iPhone models (iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus) and a new top-of-the-line handset (iPhone 8). The iPhone 8, tipped by some to arrive as “iPhone Edition” or “iPhone X,” will be Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone. The company is testing a screen that covers the entire front of the phone, resulting in a display slightly larger than the iPhone 7 Plus. The phone, however, will overall be closer to the size of the iPhone 7. This new design will feature an OLED display, a revamped Touch ID feature, new augmented-reality capabilities and wireless charging. Sources also say that Apple is testing versions of the new iPhone with a dual-camera system that is positioned vertically instead of horizontally. This new update will offer the potential of facial recognition instead of Touch ID to unlock the device.

While some reports claim that the iPhone 8 may not arrive until later this year, current Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the new iPhone will offer enough new features to get existing owners begging for an upgrade. Cook teased that the phone will bring “something that you didn’t expect.”