Chatbots: An Extension of Brand Humanity

Published by | Isabella Yzerman

  • Commerce

As 2017 is rapidly approaching, chatbots are being heralded as the future of servicing customers. For sectors that rely on crisis management and rapid response time, chatbots can be utilized to enable customer service teams to dedicate their time to more complex and sensitive cases.

Chatbots unlock “conversation as a platform,” as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put it. Rather than acting as a barrier to human interaction, chatbots store, synthesize and recall vast amounts of information on individual consumers, enabling them to assist consumers even before they ask. Companies can benefit from a bot to help deal with the vast influx of queries, sifting out the more complex from the more straightforward requests. In a time of damaged consumer trust, the necessity of transparency in companies adapting and delivering upon their promises is a priority.

Inevitably chatbots do come with risk, with the immense scrutiny from both consumers and industry unlikely to die down any time soon. The opportunity for those starting early won’t, however, be limited to getting ahead with the sophistication of the technology itself. With the term ‘chatbot’ now ubiquitous, few have yet to succeed in communicating their unique bot’s purpose and full potential to the masses. Those prepared to invest proper effort into defining their bot’s identity, in such a way that they act as a convincing human extension of their brand, will reap the best business rewards.